David Bartoň

Painter & Curator

The up-to-date collection of paintings which I currently hold for exhibitions or for sale. I paint mainly landscape, Vysočina being my main inspiration. Modern painting from a bird’s eye view in a closed circle of magical landscape.

Watch the video from the opening of David Barton. Jiří Schmitzer plays guitar. Vernissage in Písek. The exhibition was presented by PhDr. Jaromír Zemina, art historian.

David Bartoň is an artist and curator of dozens of other artists’ exhibitions. About his paintings were written by Jaromír Zemina, Ivan M. Jirous, Věra Jirousová, Jiří Valoch, Milan Kozelka. He mainly paints the landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, an area that Karel Valter called 3T (framed by the towns of Telč, Třešť and Třebíč).

View David Barton’s work here

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